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Home Equity Settlement Services Platform Adds Title

A settlement services platform for home-equity lenders that centralizes vendor management has added a clear-to-close solution for home-equity transactions.

Instant title data and decisioning for home-equity originations has been added to New Vista Solutions’ vendor management process, a news release Thursday said. The enhancement, which helps “engineer a more optimal workflow,” was made possible through an integration with Flueid.

Gary Kasper, President, New Vista Solutions

“We are excited about the opportunity to join forces with Flueid to empower lenders with a solution that further streamlines the home-equity lending process,” New Vista Solutions President Gary Kasper said in the announcement.

Home-equity streamlining capabilities are being promised by New Vista. “With upfront title guidance, lenders can reap higher margins and efficiencies, while reducing costs and loan cycles,” the Austin, Texas-based company said.

Also included in the new offering is a quick customer pre-qualification and the identification of  prospective borrowers who qualify to fast-track their loans.

“Lenders want to deliver a five-day or less home-equity closing with new-found speed and simplicity, and New Vista Solutions is helping lead the way for home-equity lenders to deliver and achieve this goal,” Peter Richter, co-founder and president of Flueid, said in the media statement. “By integrating their core offerings with our title data and intelligence, we are empowering lenders to save time and money in the home-equity life cycle, while also enhancing the overall consumer experience.”

Kasper added, “By the releasing this dynamic new product we are providing significant efficiencies to the home-equity lending process.”